Return to school in September for all students

Date Published:
Tuesday 25 August 2020

We have been actively working on plans for return for the full school at the following dates and times. Each year group will have separate entrances where they will be expected to sanitise/wash their hands and go directly to their registration room which will be in a year group teaching zone.


On the first day staff will greet students at the gate and direct them to their entry point.


Year 9- Tuesday 8th September (10am- 2:40pm)


Year 10- Thursday 10th September  (8:50am-3:30pm)


Year 11- Wednesday 9th September (8:45am-2:40pm)


Year 12- Thursday 10th September (Induction day from 9.00am; students will be given a specific time to come in due course.  Normal lessons start on Friday 11th September)


Year 13-Thursday 10th September (no registration, just attend for your lessons-see Frog for your timetable towards the end of the holiday)


Please ensure you take note of these dates and times as some year groups are returning to school at times that are different to our start of term plans in previous years.


It is very important that students time their arrival on site carefully to enable the staggered start to the day to work as effectively and as safely as possible.  We would therefore like students to arrive whenever possible in the 10 minute period leading up to their registration time. Following the first day, the start times, entrances, break and lunch zones and finish times will be as follows:



Year 9 (RED) 

Year 10 (BLUE) 

Year 11 (GREEN) 

Sixth Form 

Teaching Zone 

English block (A-H) 

Languages block (M-U) 


Science labs and Business rooms-split half year groups floor 1A & 1B 

Top corridor (Maths-A-G and Hist/Geog N-V) 

In dept areas where possible 


English bottom floor by garden (A-H) 

Languages Fire Exit (M-U) 

Student Entrance 

Art Fire Exit 


Entrance Time 

8:40am (Reg) 

8:50am (Reg) 

8:30am (Reg) 

8:55am (P1) 

Handwashing area on arrival 




Sanitisers at Art Fire Exit 


Break Time 



10:35- 10:55 


Break Areas: 





Dining Hall/Hall 

Active Play 




Sports Hall 

Back Field 

PE Toilets 


Social Space 

Outside IT/DT 



Off site 

Common Room 

6th Form/Top floor 

Lunch Time 


A-G- 12:25 

N-U – 13:15 



Lunch Area: 




Dining Hall/Hall 

Back Field 


Social Space 

Active Play 



Dining Hall/Hall 

Back Field 



Common Room/6th Form breakout area/LRC/off-site 

Exit Point 

Same as entrance points unless in a specialist area in which case nearest exit 

Exit Time 





Additional Notes: 

Practical areas will devise their own risk assessments, procedures, and protocols. 

Students will wear full school uniform and isolation/detention will still run. It is envisaged that Main School students doing PE will wear their PE kit to school on that day but must also bring their uniform in inclement weather. 


Uniform & Behaviour


I am sure that a return to ‘normal’ will be welcomed by the whole school community. As part of this and to support our pupils as far as we can in returning to some sense of normality to life in school, we will be expecting all pupils to maintain our high expectations with respect to uniform, behaviour and attendance. 


All students will be expected to wear the correct uniform, including footwear. Failure to do so will result in being placed in isolation as normal. The PRAISE Code will run as usual and you will be informed of any small changes by your tutor on the first day.


On days a student has PE they will be permitted to wear the PE uniform for school that day. This is to take the pressure off the changing rooms where it will be hard to maintain social distancing and enhanced cleaning each lesson. We encourage parents to purchase the school tracksuit bottoms which may be needed during inclement weather.


Hand & Respiratory Hygiene


The Government have stated in their guidance for full opening that 'schools must ensure that pupils clean their hands regularly, including when they arrive at school, when they return from breaks, when they change rooms and before and after eating'. 

Rest assured, safety is at the heart of all of our September plans, in particular hand and respiratory hygiene. The school will provide washing facilities/hand santisers/tissues around the building, in classrooms and at main entrances/exits.

Regular and thorough hand cleaning is going to be essential for the foreseeable future therefore we encourage all students to bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them and take personal responsibility for cleaning their hands at these times.  If students bring their own and get into good habits at the times mentioned above this will maximise learning time in the classroom without compromising safety. 


All students and parents should have a thorough read of the safety instructions before their first day.


School Safety Measures - September 2020