Important Update - January External Exams (Year 12 & Year 13 only)

Date Published:
Wednesday 06 January 2021

UPDATE 6.1.21 : last night the DfE announced the following:

  • Schools and colleges can continue with vocational and technical exams that are due to take place in January, where they judge it is right to do so.
  • We understand this is a difficult time but we want to support schools and colleges whose students have worked hard to prepare for assessments and exams.

In light of the above we feel the only way to suit all students’ circumstances is to run the exams, but it is entirely the student’s choice as to whether to sit them. Having spoken to a sample of students it is clear that some are very keen to sit them whilst others have very genuine reasons why they do not want to take the additional risks during National Lockdown. We support any decision a student makes.

Parents may be wondering what the repercussions will be of sitting/not sitting but unfortunately the exam boards/Ofqual have not released their contingency plan yet. As all centres nationally are experiencing this and taking a variety of approaches you would hope their plans will be released soon.

Our Exams team have implemented various safety measures, including distancing of 2m in the exam venue, to ensure they can be carried out as safely as possible.

Teaching staff are preparing those students who opt to take the exam with live lessons and booster sessions (virtually or face to face) wherever appropriate.


The DFE has announced that the January external exams will still go ahead and provision will be made in school for these. Please attend school 10 minutes before the time of each exam on your exam timetable and enter the building via Sport@Gosforth.

L3 BTEC, Cambridge Technicals and AQA Applied subjects have been moved to the GYM to allow for greater social distancing. A seating plan will be available in the Sports Café, please check this for your seat number as you enter the building. Please sanitise your hands when you enter the building and leave your bags and personal belongings in the Dance Studio. You must sanitise your hands again when you enter the Gym. Face coverings must be worn until you are seated at your exam desks. Once you are seated you can remove them if you wish, please place them on the empty desk to your right.

The L3 ICT BTEC exam will still take place in the Gallery. Please enter the Building via Sport@Gosforth

Students who are sitting their exams in the Student Support Base must enter the building via the Student Entrance. You will be taking your exams on the upper language corridor and a list of rooms will be available for you to check as you enter.

If you do not anticipate attending due to COVID concerns, please let the Exams team know immediately.

If you are going to be absent on the day of an exam you must contact the Exams Office on 0191 2559070

If you have any queries please email