HPV Vaccination Update

Date Published:
Tuesday 29 June 2021

HPV Vaccinations for new Year 10 will take place on Thursday 1st July.

Students who are currently self-isolating can attend a catch up session arranged for Monday 12th July.

The immunisation team will be attending school on Monday 12th July to give the HPV vaccination to those students who were absent on Thursday 1st July. 

For the majority of new year 10 it will be the second and final HPV vaccination. As you are aware, due to Covid restrictions there have been delays to the vaccination processes. The current consent forms were signed over two years ago and need to be updated. 

You need only contact the Immunisation team if you DO NOT wish your child to have this vaccination. Telephone numbers as follows: 

0191 293 4285 / 0191 293 4261 

The HPV vaccination will go ahead as planned for all children with original consents if we do not hear from you.