Boy using Calculator at Gosforth Academy


We at Gosforth Academy see maths as integral to the school curriculum across all levels.

A passionate maths department will help all students to make progress from developing vital numeracy skills extending to students completing Maths and Further Maths at A level. This includes subject-specific knowledge and skills that encourage students to improve their logical thinking and problem solving skills with strong cross-curricular links. An understanding of the key concepts of maths will set learners up for a life-long love of the subject providing them with unlimited opportunity in their future careers as they the essential skills gained are transferable and desirable in almost all occupations.

Building blocks for continued study
We want to achieve a broad understanding of Maths concepts so everyone can access the full spectrum of the curriculum. We provide the building blocks to support students through further and higher education. This means we equip students to confidently apply mathematical techniques and concepts to improve their mental agility and grasp complex concepts.

Building broad relational understanding
Our aim is to develop a deep relational understanding to the highest potential level for each individual student. Building this deep level of understanding for each topic area taught helps students link topic areas rather than seeing them as discrete units. At the same time this helps to build confidence in maths as a whole. This understanding further secures the foundation blocks for continued study. This also enhances student’s development to tackle problems delivered in a different context in maths and also other subject areas.

Problem Solving and Resilience
We aim to encourage students to apply knowledge and skills to real life situations. Our overall goal is to instil into students that even though there may be multiple ways to address problems, and even though they all have merit, sometimes they may not lead to a successful outcome. They must have the resilience to persevere with more complex tasks. We want students to see problem solving as an enjoying and satisfying experience. We try also to encourage team work and creativity in this style of work while at the same time trying to encourage students to become more persistent in resolving these style of problems.

Children in Maths Class at Gosforth Academy

We believe strongly that learning mathematics will provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in their life beyond education. The curriculum is designed to span a broad range of skills which enables pupils to excel not only in maths but in other subjects areas as well. The course content provides the necessary level of challenge that allows student to develop their persistence and resilience whilst instilling a life-long love of the subject.  The course needs to provide students with every opportunity to be proactive and be thoroughly prepared at each stage of their development.

In maths we believe that it is crucial a student develops confidence within themselves, as well as in their capabilities, in order for them to succeed. This plays a key role in not only maths, but every subject across the curriculum. Confidence, however, is achieved when a pupil gains a sense of independence in and out of lessons. While we’re here to guide students in the right direction and help them when necessary as they advance through the curriculum, we believe it is important that they take responsibility for their own progress and achievement. We aim to help them achieve this skill through the use of strategies such as self-marking, peer assessment, challenging homeworks, stretch and challenge within class, problem solving, group work, and many more. Our overall aim is that students will develop a love of maths and a determination to achieve their short and long-goals.

Curriculum Outline - Sixth Form