Science is an integral part of modern life and science learning does not stop when one leaves school.

Engaging students to develop fundamental skills that will help prepare them for a world that is in constant flux is at the heart of what all science teachers do on a daily basis. The careers that our students follow in later life may not currently exist. Society needs individuals who will not only fill these positions but create further opportunities for future generations. Helping students develop the abilities to do this is what the science department at Gosforth Academy does. Current debates regarding climate change and various forms of pollution are underpinned by scientific understanding and solving these, and other, problems relies on science.


The nature of science is such that some aspects change slowly and others evolve and develop at a startling rate. Scientific enquiry and research underpin all scientific advancements and success is often hard to achieve. The vast majority of research projects and lines of enquiry do not result in big steps forward in understanding or development. As such, it is essential that all scientist have the resilience and determination to persevere in the face of adversity. These are skills we develop with students throughout their time at Gosforth Academy.

Students join Gosforth Academy in Year 9 from a number of middle schools. Close relationships with our main feeder schools afford us the knowledge that students, for a variety of reasons, come to us from a range of Key Stage 3 Science experiences. To cater for this we deliver a bridging course for the first term to ensure all students can build on and practise their existing skills and knowledge in order to best prepare them for their GCSE studies.

The evolution of the AQA GCSE science courses into Triple and Trilogy pathways brought with it an increase in the depth and breadth of scientific knowledge as well as increased practical skills and the skills associated with thinking and working scientifically. These changes were welcomed on an academic level and are provided for strategically by starting GCSE studies in Year 9.

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Our dedicated team deliver high quality, engaging programmes of study in line with the National Curriculum across biology, chemistry and physics both at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. Within this we develop students’ conceptual knowledge as well as a plethora of transferrable skills including an understanding of scientific methodology, problem solving and critical thinking. An appreciation and understanding of key scientific terminology and how it is used, and often misused, in everyday language is also woven into our teaching and learning practice.

Many of our students will go on to study science at higher levels. For others GCSEs or A levels will be the end of their formal science education, though, as previously mentioned, not the end to their science learning. Whatever path our students chose to follow once they leave Gosforth Academy we aim to nurture their curiosity and give it direction; thus arming young people with the ability to acquire information and the confidence to process it. This in turn empowers them to make informed decisions throughout their lives, even when presented with completely unique circumstances.

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