Head Girl

Hi. I’m Noone, and I’m this year’s Sixth Form Head Girl. 

I’m currently studying Politics, Business and Maths, and I’m hoping to study Economics and Finance at university next year. I joined Gosforth Academy in Year 12, due to its reputation as being an excellent school, both socially and academically. 

Personally, I have found the level of education and teaching at an impressively high standard. My teachers are all very helpful when I struggle with any aspects of my studies. The school operates with a tutoring system, where each student has a tutor that helps them get through sixth form and with university applications. As well as this, the school offers fortnightly progression notices to help students with finding work experience, explore universities, and learn more about the aspects of study that they wish to pursue. If students aren’t interested in pursuing university, they are further assisted with exploring alternative routes, such as apprenticeships or moving straight into a full-time job. 

As Head Girl, my job is to listen to what our Sixth Form community wants, and communicate that to the Sixth Form team, then work to put everything into action. Between weekly student union meetings that are open to everyone, and fortnightly meetings with Miss Hetherington and Mr. Limbrick, we do our best to bring about the wishes and needs of everyone in Sixth Form. This year, our first main aim is to reopen clubs and societies, such as the debate club and feminist society, after they were shut down due to the pandemic. Our Wellbeing Officer and Communication Officer work together to promote the general welfare of our peers, through promoting Breast Cancer Awareness and Movember, which advocates men’s health issues. Our Sports Leaders are responsible for organising sport events, including charities. This year, we’re taking part in Christmas Food Bank Appeal, and fundraising for BBC Children in Need.  

Gosforth currently has a peer-mentoring programme, that allows sixth formers to help out main school students with literacy. All clubs and societies welcome everyone within the school. This ensures that there is no shortage of activities and extra-curricular activities that students can take part in. And if they feel the school lacks something, they are able to open any club they wish. 

Gosforth Sixth Form is a welcoming and lively place, where students undoubtedly enjoy themselves, and will be supported while they set themselves up for the future.