Gosforth Academy students among top ten German vocab learners

Date Published:
Wednesday 18 November 2020

Participating for the first time in the international German Vocabexpress vocabulary championship, students at Gosforth Academy finished within the top ten schools in eighth place. The academy’s top scorer Kai Anderson (Year 11) accrued 18,430 points and ranked twelfth on the individual leader board. 

Over the course of a week, more than 11,500 students, from 99 schools, took part in the competition between 14 different languages, with 15,636,820 points registered in total.

Mr Preit Chahal, Principal at Gosforth Academy, commented:

“I warmly congratulate our German students who have put Gosforth Academy on the vocabulary learning map against top schools across the globe. I am particularly impressed by Kai Anderson’s performance who scored more than half the points for our school.”

Ms Angelika Schneider, German teacher at Gosforth Academy, added:

“I am blown away by Kai’s dedication to the vocabulary learning challenge. His resilience and persistence are a real inspiration in a challenging time for our Y11s. His place among the top 15 international German learners on this website demonstrates what students can achieve when they embrace independent learning.”


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