The PSHCE curriculum across Years 9, 10 and 11 is designed to inform students about social and political issues that students will encounter as they move towards adulthood.

A key aim of the curriculum is to encourage students to engage with the various organisations, both public and private, that have an impact on our daily living. For example, students learn about the services that local government provide and how to contact the local council if they wish to use, improve or complain about a particular service. As part of being an active citizen, students are encouraged to become involved in voluntary organisations, with the aim of having a voice in their community. Where possible we utilise the opportunities of national elections to replicate the electoral process, with students standing as candidates in whole school elections. The enthusiasm of students can been seen in voter turnout among the students body.



The personal, social and health element of the curriculum covers personal safety, drug education, relationships and sex education with the focus on developing healthy relationships. We utilise the expertise of health professionals to ensure the information students are receiving is relevant and up-to-date.

The NHS School Nurse team provide additional support to Gosforth Academy teaching staff delivering the sex and relationship education for Years 9, 10 and 11 and contribute to the assembly programme. Additional information regarding Gosforth Academy’s statutory obligation for the delivery of PSHCE and the statutory rights of parents in relation to this, can be found in the Sex and Relationship Education policy available from the school website.

PSHCE lessons are an integral part of the school’s careers programme. For example, we invite employers into school who put our students through a real-life interview experience.

These activities provide our students with links to the real world, enabling them to make informed choices when it comes to planning their future.

We strive to support our students to understand the world they live in so that they can contribute to our society flourishing and so that they can also keep themselves healthy and safe.

phse lesson at gosforth academy

Living in a multi-cultural society, we pride ourselves on the fact that we educate students on how to recognise the benefits and challenges of living in a world with multiple cultures and ideologies. This awareness helps them to understand the importance of democracy, rights and freedoms and that in order to live and co-exist peacefully everyone needs to respect, trust and balance the various opinions , values, lifestyle, cultures and practices that exist today. We believe that studying a Social Sciences subject at Gosforth Academy not only enables our students to progress on to the next stage in their lives but it also empowers them to be responsible citizens who can take pride in their ability to contribute to society in a purposeful way.

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