Head Boy

Hi, I’m Ben Robson, the current head boy of Gosforth Academy.

I joined the Sixth Form to take part in the Newcastle Falcons AASE Scheme which is run as a partnership between the school and Newcastle Falcons. However, the academic departments and facilities situated in the school also attracted me, with a wide variety in courses and extra-curricular activities to get involved with. I currently study Biology, Psychology and PE, as well as completing the Higher Sports Leadership qualification through the AASE Scheme. I plan to carry on my love for sport at university, where I have applied to study Sports and Exercise Science. The Student Union, led by Rosa and I, allows students to have their say about positive ways to improve the Sixth Form experience; these usually include any sports teams, charity events and extracurricular opportunities they would like to see added to the school. The Sixth Form also operates with a tutorial system, where all students are assigned a tutor that they can go to with any of their needs. For rugby players like myself, the tutors assist us in keeping on top of our academic studies by designating us study periods to go to the Sixth Form workroom and catch up on work we miss on match days. Tutors also help the students with their personal statements and UCAS applications, helping with the transfer towards higher education or employment. Whatever the circumstances, the tutors are available to support students through the challenges they face as part of their studies. The combination of academic variety, outstanding opportunities, and incredible pastoral support system makes Gosforth Academy the great Sixth Form it is