Frequently Asked Qustions (FAQs)

Q: What time do you have to come to school?

A: The school day starts at 8:45 each morning.


You MUST NOT walk in the carpark, always stay on the path.


Q: Do you have to wear your uniform every day?

A: Yes you must wear the correct uniform at all times.


Q: Do you always need to bring your Planner/Diary with you?

A: Yes you must have your Planner/Diary, this is so that the    teachers can give you rewards or planner comments also for you to write your homework in.


Q: What happens if I forget my Planner/diary?

A: Unfortunately if you don’t have your Planner/diary you will have to go to either ‘Isolation’ or the Student Support Base.


Q:If I’m late for school what do I do?

A: Hopefully you won’t be late but if you are, make your way to the student office. The staff there will ask you to sign your name, and the reason you are late including the time, in the late book. You will receive a planner comment for being late.

Q: What time is break and lunch time?

A: Break time is 10:35am -10:50am and your lunch will be 12:25pm – 1:05pm.


Q:Where do I go at break and lunchtime?

A: Students can go into the main hall or outside on the back field.


Q: If I get lost what do I do?

A: Don’t worry, lots of students get lost in the first couple of weeks, just ask any member of staff and they will help you find your way.


Q: Will I get homework?

A: Yes you will get homework, if you need help come to the Student Support Base after School (Homework Club). Remember to do all your homework to avoid homework planner comments.


Q: If I don’t feel well or get upset what do I do?

A: Tell your Teacher who might send you to the medical room which is opposite the Student office. They may send you to the Student Support Base which is situated on the ground floor, along the English corridor.


Q: What happens if I forget my equipment?

A: You will get a Planner comment. If you get 3 Planner comments in the same week you will get an hours detention on the Friday after school.

Q: What are the ‘Reward stamps’ for?

A: Every member of staff has their own ‘stamp’. During lessons you can receive up to three stamps:

          1 x stamp for being ‘on side’

          1 x stamp for being ‘on task’

          1 x stamp for being ‘on time’

Which means if you do as you should and work hard you can collect lots of reward stamps which count towards rewards at the end of term e.g. chocolates at Easter.


Q: Will I be in the same class as my friends?

A: We can’t guarantee that you will be in the same class as your friends but you will be able to see them at break and lunchtimes. You will also be able to make new friends from other schools.


Q: Can I use my Mobile Phone in school?

A: You can bring your Phone to School (this will be your responsibility to look after it). You are only allowed to use/have it switched on when you are outside the building e.g. the field.


If you are found using your phone or it rings/buzzes in school it will be confiscated from you and unless a parent or guardian comes into school to collect it, you won’t get it back until the end of school on a Friday.


Q: What time does the School day finish?

A: The school day finishes at 3:30pm on Monday’s and Thursday’s.


On Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s lessons finish at 2:40pm. We have extra activities in ‘7-up’ this is where you can join clubs in school e.g. football, homework, art, music etc.


On Friday school finishes at 2:40pm unless you are on detention!