Current Year 11: Progression Appointments & Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening

Date Published:
Wednesday 06 January 2021
At this time of year, we are normally starting our first round of progression appointments with our Year 11 students.  This is an opportunity for all Year 11 students to meet face to face with a member of the Sixth Form team to discuss plans for the next school year, receive some advice and guidance regarding progression and, if they want to enrol in our Sixth Form, to make a provisional selection of courses. Normally, we also give students their own copy of the prospectus.
Due to the current lockdown, we can't run these appointments in the usual way. We do think it is better to conduct the appointments face to face, so we are going to delay them until after February half term, at which point we hope students will be back in school.  If this is not the case, we will conduct the appointments over the phone instead.  We will keep you informed as events unfold.
In the meantime, our 2021 prospectus is online for you to browse and our Virtual Open Evening should be live next week.  Please take some time to view this and think about choices for next year.  The prospectus contains lots of useful information about the Sixth Form, as well as a detailed outline of the courses we offer and their entry requirements.