Squash Hero Cropped

Sporting Success

Date Published:
Tuesday 29 March 2022
  • Our Key Stage 4 girls won the National Squash Finals last Thursday. We had a boys' team there too, who also did very well and finished in 7th place which is also a fabulous achievement given this is a national competition.  It was a long day at Nottingham but the journey was sweeter given we came back as winners! As usual, our students were exemplary.  

Squash Players

  1. Shea Paterson
  2. Evie Paterson
  3. Grace Moore
  4. Zoe Shipsey
  5. Kate Naisbitt
  6. Ava Naisbitt


  1. Ben Tudor
  2. Matthew Ansell
  3. Daniel Toole
  4. Joe Elliott
  5. Matthew Mahoney
  6. Angus Dean


  • Our Y9 boys football team have won the City League and the City Cup and are in the County Cup semi-final this week.

Well done to all of those students involved!