Year 11 Review Day and Year 9/Year 10 Curriculum Enrichment Day - Wednesday 9th March 2022 

Date Published:
Tuesday 08 March 2022

Wednesday sees the welcome return of in-person Reviews, conducted with the parents of all Year 11 students. The Reviews Process will allow Year 11 Tutors to update parents on the progress students have made as they approach the conclusion of their courses. 

The day also allows for the delivery of essential education for students in Year 9 and 10, as part of our Curriculum Enrichment Day. This event had to be cancelled last year, following the Covid related disruption at the time.  

The focus for Year 9 will be on Careers and Progression, as well as Character Education. All students will be involved in a Careers Carousel with local professionals/employers who have volunteered to discuss their current careers. Students will also spend time developing their knowledge of careers that are available using the KUDOS online careers platform. The Character Education element will looking at current world issues and considering the Character Education traits that may have been evident, or could be shown in the future.  

Year 10 will be completing activities relating to 'The Good Society' by exploring various interpretations of what this term may mean. This will involve contributions from local community members and forms part of our delivery of this statutory SMSC content. Students will also complete an essential Health-Related Behaviour Survey. Further information relating to this survey has already been included on our website. 

We hope all students involved find the day valuable and interesting experience. Please note, the start and finish times for Year 9 and Year 10 will be the same as normal. All Year 9 students will be on Early Lunch as normal. All Year 10 students will be on Late Lunch.