Social Sciences

At Gosforth Academy Social Sciences cover a broad and exciting group of subjects and we are delighted that we are able to provide a diverse range of six different areas for our students to choose from.

As a student this could involve becoming an expert in one particular area such as Law or Child Development or taking a more holistic approach to understanding the causes of social change or the relationships between individual and state through studying a combination of Social Sciences subjects such as Politics, Sociology, Psychology and Health and Social Care. The department encompasses a collection of academic disciplines that are orientated towards investigating our experience of the world and also vocational courses that can lead on to further study of professional qualifications such as nursing, social work and teaching. However, all of our courses offered are united by a clear focus of assisting students to understand the working of human society so that they can mature into active, responsible and reflective citizens.


Our Social Sciences courses amaze, fascinate and challenge our students in equal measure as we want students to make sense of the world they live in and give them an understanding of how to make a difference to society.

Courses offered are related to everyday life and as such are both interesting and relevant but also highly valued by employers and universities alike. Social Sciences subjects not only prepare students for their career goals but are also useful for academic reasons. We prepare our students for life after school by equipping them with a broad range of transferable skills such as analytical, critical thinking and teamwork skills.

We teach our students how to apply previously learnt information to new situations and how to engage with new concepts quickly. Social Sciences lessons encourage students to debate current topics that are significant in society so that they can develop confidence with their oracy and interpersonal skills.

With the relevant skills and knowledge our students can transition into lots of different directions for example courses and careers linked to the public sector, education, social research, the voluntary sector, the legal system, industry and health and social care.

Social Sciences at Gosforth Academy

We strive to support our students to understand the world they live in so that they can contribute to our society flourishing and so that they can also keep themselves healthy and safe. Living in a multi-cultural society, we pride ourselves on the fact that we educate students on how to recognise the benefits and challenges of living in a world with multiple cultures and ideologies. This awareness helps them to understand the importance of democracy, rights and freedoms and that in order to live and co-exist peacefully everyone needs to respect, trust and balance the various opinions , values, lifestyle, cultures and practices that exist today. We believe that studying a Social Sciences subject at Gosforth Academy not only enables our students to progress on to the next stage in their lives but it also empowers them to be responsible citizens who can take pride in their ability to contribute to society in a purposeful way.