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Student Union

The Student Union at Gosforth Academy provides the students with the opportunity to have a voice. It is led by a committee of Year 13 students, each of whom has applied for and been interviewed for their respective role.

However, as the Student Union is there to represent all the students, everyone is welcome to attend their meetings and share their opinions. As well as being a voice for the students, the Student Union are keen to raise awareness of different issues which affect both themselves and the wider community. This is done through a combination of charity fundraising events and social media promotion of some of the bigger issues. Of particular note is the annual Christmas appeal in support of the West End Food Bank which sees the whole school get involved in supporting this local service at such a busy time.

In addition to the Student Union, there are a range of extra-curricular clubs and societies which run throughout the year. Many of these have been founded by the students themselves after identifying a gap for such a group. These have included Gosforth Autism Awareness Club, GA Gay-Straight Alliance, FemSoc, MedSoc, and the Finance Society. Others such as The Debate Society are teacher led and participate in local and national competitions. 

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